Introducing Our 2017 Team Cocktail Instagram Ambassadors

Team Cocktail is excited to introduce you to our first class of Instagram Ambassadors! After receiving over 100 applications, we narrowed it down to 10 Instagramers who we thought would make a great addition to our team! Don’t worry if you applied and didn’t hear from us, we’ll choose another round later this year!

Emily Rothmeyer – Instagram: @chiccountrygirl 

Meet Emily – Born & Raised in Colorado. Photographer and online shop owner. Lover of the Rocky Mountains and a really good Margarita! Very excited to be a part of Team Cocktail’s ambassadors on Instagram. Learned about this cool company through Craig & Mindy Campbell and so glad I did. Can’t wait to work with Team Cocktail. Cheers! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere 😉


Alex Klebansky – Instagram: @axlerose10

Meet Alex – My name is Alex, about to turn 30.  Originally from Chicago living in Atlanta the last few years.  I work in sales, love going out meeting new people, enjoying a “few-teen” cocktails all while sharing some laughs!  Enjoyed TC from the get go, “Shut Up Liver, You’re Fine” really couldn’t have been better fit for me!  Excited to share the TC products and experience from start to finish!


Danielle Maddox – Instagram: @danisuewho

Meet Danielle – I moved to Nashville, TN this February 2017 from Chicago, IL. Moved here for love, because I’m a sap like that.  I am a professional model and actress. I am also a bartender at Tennessee Brew Works and I do freelance casting directing. So basically I have infinity job titles. I am super thrilled to represent TC as an ambassador because they represent fun! I mean some of my favorite things in life are traveling, beach bumming, craft beer, and never taking life too seriously, so obviously it was meant to be. <3


Matthew Fernando – Instagram: @matthewjohntv

Meet Matthew – Matthew John is a Southern California born and raised songwriter & recording artist. With his recent new 5 song EP release of “Chain Reaction” Matthew is gearing up to release his first Music Video to the lead single “Cold”. Matthew is based now, in Nashville, TN ready to make waves in the songwriter community of Music City!


Kayla Collins – Instagram: @kaylabiscuits

Meet Kayla – Hi! My name is Kayla Collins. I’m originally from Kosciusko, Mississippi, and moved here early last year. I currently work at Lyft in downtown Nashville, but when I’m not working I love finding new brunch spots around town and taking my puppy to the dog park!


Blake Coelho – Instagram: @casprmusic

Meet Blake – I am CASPR, a pop singer/songwriter who, after being based in Los Angeles for the past 6 years, recently moved to Nashville. I am super excited to be joining the Team Cocktail squad! I love to celebrate the highs in life with my friends and family, and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a cocktail or two with your loved ones?! As a Nashville newbie, I’m super stoked to explore Music City with a drink in my hand… or maybe one in each hand!


Bailey Rose – Instagram: @baileyroseofficial

Meet Bailey – Bailey Rose is a country music  singin’, gun totin’, wine drinkin’, outdoor lovin’, Southern California native. Now in Music City, she spends her time writing and playing country songs in Nashville and photographing others as a photographer. She also helps lead the worship music at Cross Country Cowboy Church with Craig and Mindy Campbell each Sunday. She’s an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and would rescue every dog if she could. When there’s not a guitar or a camera in her hand, you may find a glass of champagne or tropical cocktail concoction in its place. Bailey loves Team Cocktail’s apparel, sense of humor and adventures they offer to enjoy with such talented musicians! She’s excited to be reppin’ TC gear and spreading the fun spirit they’ve created!


John Risso – Instagram: @jmrisso

Meet John – Born and raised in Northern California. I grew up in wine country but now call California’s capital city my home. I’m an engineer by profession but my passion is country music! That’s how I first met Team Cocktail at CMA Fest a few years back and instantly had one of those “where have you been all my life” moments.  The whole team was super chill and the shirts were fun, catchy, and comfortable. I’m all about having a good time out with friends and Team Cocktail gear shows that. Whether I’m singing along at a concert, wakeboarding at the lake, or hanging out at a bar on the river, these shirts always get a reaction! I’m stoked to be a TC instagram ambassador so I can share the stiff drink lovin’, good time having, awesome swag with West Coast!


Shara Wessel – Instagram: @ssweasel

Meet Shara – I’m originally from Omaha, NE and a graduate of Iowa State University.  I am currently a VP of Solutions for a mortgage lender that I’ve worked for over the last 8 years. I’ve come to love Team Cocktail over the years because it reminds me daily not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the ride.  I’m a huge fan of everything Cyclones, the KC Royals, the Miami Dolphins, and Husker football too. I’m super excited to be a TC Ambassador because I already tell all my friends and family how awesome TC is.  I’ve been stopped on vacation, in the airport, at the gym, in the neighborhood, and at the ballpark by complete strangers asking me where I got my shirt or my hat!  Vodka might make me awesome but TC gear is right up there with vodka!


Ray Baca – @bacaphotography

Meet Ray – I live in Wilmington, NC… I live in a 3rd floor walk up with a wonderful pup named Nola.  She’s a rescue from New Orleans and is my world.  Since I have to take her out 4 times a day I get to wear my “shut up liver you’re fine” and walk her and I get the most awesome reactions to the shirt.  People are always taking pictures of the shirt so I am excited to turn on others to your great products. I am a wedding photographer and own two event spaces that I host parties…so basically I take pictures of people having fun and drink wine with strangers.

 Give these guys a follow and enjoy TC posts from around the country! 


Team Cocktail

By Kacey Biddy
We Take Fun Very Seriously!