2018 Team Cocktail Cruise Itinerary

Hey Cruisers!

We are so close to cruise time we can taste the rum and feel the salty air! Below is the itinerary (aka Schedule of Fun!) for the 2018 Team Cocktail Cruise. Please keep in mind that all events are optional, but if you like to have fun, then you’ll probably want to participate!

NOTE: Please keep in mind that you must be back on the ship 30 minutes prior to the departure time. For example: if the ship leaves at 5pm, you must be back onboard by 4:30pm, as they need to close the gangway and get ready for departure.

San Juan, PR

Many people are flying in a day early and staying at the Intercontinental, so this will be our “headquarters” for the day! We will be having an informal Happy Hour at Q Bar (lobby bar) starting at 6pm. This will give you a chance to meet up with old friends and meet new cruisers!

Rookie Tip: After you leave baggage claim there will be a line for the taxis, if available, be sure to grab a porter as they will take your bags and you will go to the front of the line! Be sure to tip them around $2/bag, this will be money well spent!

6:00pm: Happy Hour/Meet & Greet
– Location: Q Bar (lobby bar) at the Intercontinental
– Come meet some of your newest Team Cocktail friends


12:00pm – 7:00pm: Board the Jewel of the Seas!
– Location: Pan American Pier
– Note: There are two piers located in San Juan. Be sure to tell your cab driver to take you to the Pan American Pier.
– You can typically board the ship anytime after 12pm.
– ROOKIE TIP: When you arrive at the pier porters will come to take your bags. These bags will need to have your cruise tags on them, so that they will get to your room. These bags will be delivered to your cabin, but sometimes they won’t arrive until later in the afternoon/early evening, so make sure to take a small carry on with you on the ship that includes your swimsuit, cover up, and possibly a change of clothes.
– Tradition holds that Team Cocktail Veterans will be congregating at the Sky Bar (Deck 12) during the day!

TBD: Muster Drill
At some point during the first evening the ship will conduct its muster drill. Don’t worry about knowing too many details, as you will know exactly where to go as staff will be there to help get you to your assigned station. THIS IS ONLY A TEST!

6:30pm: Opening Ceremonies
 Location: The Safari Club, Deck 6
– Make sure you wear your 2018 Team Cocktail Cruise shirt, which you’ll be getting in the mail soon! You’ll also be getting your lanyard and LOTS of important information about the week! This is a great time to meet the other 95 people you’ll be cruising with!

8:30pm: Dinner
– If you choose to go to the main dining room for dinner our group has reservations for the late seating (8:30pm). Unless you previously requested the early or My Time Dining!
– We have done our best to accommodate everyone’s seating requests. The first night you arrive to dinner they will show you to your table, which is where you will dine every night you choose to have dinner in the main dining room.

Dress Code from Royal Caribbean
– Ladies: Skirt or pants (no holes, rips or tears) with a blouse.
– Gentlemen: Pants (no holes, rips or tears) with a collared shirt.
– Note: Swimsuits, robes, bare feet, tank tops, baseball caps and pool wear are not allowed in the main restaurants or specialty restaurants. T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops are acceptable for lunch.

8:30pm: Ship departs San Juan
– The ship will have a band and other festivities up on the pool deck for the deck party.

St. Croix

10am – 3pm: Rhythms at Rainbow Beach – Beach Party
– Catch a cab and make your way to Rhythms at your leisure! It’s a quick 5 minute trip from the cruise ship port.
– The day includes lots of tasty drinks, good food and live music by Team Cocktail artists Craig Campbell and Travis Marvin!

5:00pm: Sail Away
Location: Sky Bar, Deck 12
– Enjoy a Team Cocktail “Happy Hour” as we sail away from St.Croix!

8:30pm: Dinner (Formal Night)
– This will be the first of two formal nights. Get fancy and have fun! You will be able to take pictures, drink martinis, and be dressed to the nines!
– Ladies: Cocktail dress, gown or dressy pantsuit.
– Gentlemen: Tuxedo, suit or dinner jacket with slacks.

After Dinner: Team Cocktail takes over the Disco
– Location: Vortex Nightclub, Deck 13
– Wear your formal attire and dance the night away!

St. Maarten

10:00am: Group Trip to Mullet Bay & Maho Beach (Sunset Beach Bar)
– We are arranging group transportation from the Cruise Ship terminal to Mullet Bay & Maho Beach.  The beaches are close to each other so once we get to the area they are just a 5 minute ride apart.  While you’re there you will get to see some beautiful beaches and the planes landing at the airport.

You can purchase your spot by paying here:  https://www.teamcocktail.com/products/st-maarten-maho-beach-excursion

We will meet of the ship at 9:45am for a 10am departure to Mullet Bay.
Depart Mullet Bay at 12:30pm for Maho Beach.
Depart Maho Beach at 3pm.

The bar on Maho is called Sunset Beach Bar, this is where you will be able to watch the planes land almost on the water! It’s quite a sight! If you do not want to go with the group you can always go on your own or meet us there!

3:30pm: Sharky’s
– There is a great little bar right by the cruise ship called Sharky’s. It’s a great place to stop for one last drink before getting on the ship. You’ll find many Team Cocktail Veterans there at the end of the day!

5:00pm: Sail Away
– Location: Sky Bar, Deck 12
– Enjoy a Team Cocktail “Happy Hour” as we sail away from St. Maarten!

Arrr Matey’s! We’re taking over the Jewel of the Seas! Dress in your best pirate gear and let’s make a night of it! Please note: Royal Caribbean does not allow masks that cover the face. So keep that in mind when planning your Pirate outfit!

8:30pm: Dinner – We encourage you to wear your pirate gear to dinner!! Team Cocktail pirates are taking over the dining room!

10:00pm: Pirate Night Happy Hour
– Location: The Safari Club, Deck 6
– Join us for a Pirate Happy Hour featuring live music from Travis Marvin!


No formal group excursion. Have fun exploring the island at your leisure! There are supposed to be lots of great beaches to see. You may also want to consider some ship excursions.

5:00pm: Sail Away
– Location: Sky Bar, Deck 12
– Enjoy a Team Cocktail “Happy Hour” as we sail away from Martinique!

8:30pm: Dinner

10:30pm – 12:30am: Concert with Craig Campbell & the Campbell Toes
–Location: The Safari Club, Deck 6
Come party with Craig Campbell & the Campbell Toes (Jason & David)! Live music, drinks, dancing…it’s gonna be a great time!


– The Boatyard: A group of us will be heading to The Boatyard. If you’re interested you can meet off the ship at 10am or meet up later. It’s only about a 5 minute cab ride from the port, so come when you please.

5:00pm: Sail Away
– Location: Sky Bar, Deck 12
– Enjoy a Team Cocktail “Happy Hour” as we sail away from Barbados!

8:30pm: Dinner


– Umbrella’s Beach Bar: A group of us will be heading to Umbrella’s Beach Bar on Grand Anse Beach. If you’re interested you can meet off the ship at 9:00am or meet up later. This beach bar is on the most beautiful beach of Grenada and we love the people here. They have actually agreed to open the bar early (10am) and will be stocked with lots of cold beer & drinks. They will also have lunch available! There will be chairs to rent on the beach by private vendors.

5:00pm: Sail Away
– Location: Sky Bar, Deck 12
– Enjoy a Team Cocktail “Happy Hour” as we sail away from Grenada!

This is also formal night on the ship! So come dressed to the nines in your best roaring 20’s party gear for a chance to win fun Team Cocktail prizes!

8:30pm: Dinner – We encourage you to wear your Roaring 20’s gear to dinner!!

10:30pm-12:30am: Concert with Craig Campbell & the Campbell Toes and Travis Marvin
–Location: The Safari Club, Deck 6
Come party like it’s 1920! Live music, roaring 20’s swag, drinks, dancing…it’s gonna be a great time!

Day At Sea

– This will be our only day at sea as we make our way back to Puerto Rico. This day you can do anything you want; sleep-in, go to the spa, play cards in the casino, drink buckets of beer, etc…It’s a great day to relax or participate in all the activities the ship will have planned throughout the ship. Below are a few events we’ll be doing, so join in if you’d like!

10:00am: Team Cocktail Drinking Marathon
– Meeting Location: Sky Bar, Deck 12
– Don’t worry…it’s not an actual marathon. Our goal is get 26 people to walk/run one mile around the track, AND do it in true Team Cocktail fashion…with a drink in hand! Like most races there is also a charity component. This is NOT required, but for anyone that would like, you can bring some money to make a donation! We’ll be donating to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in honor of our dear friend and original Team Cocktail member, Rodi Strauss!

3:00pm: Bar Crawl
– Start Location: Coral Theater, Deck 4
– Join us for our Team Cocktail bar crawl! We will be splitting into teams and answering trivia at each of the bars the Jewel has to offer! It’s a ton of fun!

5:00pm: Sail Away
– Location: Sky Bar, Deck 12
– Enjoy a Team Cocktail “Happy Hour” as we sail through the Caribbean!

6:00pm: Team Cocktail Closing Ceremony Party
 Location: The Safari Club, Deck 6
– Bring your lanyards and be ready for some fun as we dish out a few awards from the week!

8:30pm: Dinner


– Unfortunately this is where the realization that the cruise is over sets in….BOOOO!!!!
– You will receive information in your stateroom cabin about your scheduled time to get off the ship in the morning. You can either head straight to the airport or to the hotel if you are staying an extra day or two!
– Be sure to get a porter with your luggage when you get off the ship as they will get you through customs faster and straight into a cab. Tip around $2/bag.
-Don’t worry, the post-cruise depression won’t last too long… because if you did it right you already have the 2019 Team Cocktail Cruise booked!

By Lyndsey
We Take Fun Very Seriously!