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By Kacey Biddy

Featured Awesome: The Brunch Collection

Brunch (n): The socially acceptable excuse for day drinking. Who isn’t obsessed with brunch these days? And you know what they say…brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast. And nobody wants that! That’s where the TC brunch collection comes in! Spice up your wardrobe with any of our fun, new designs and you’re sure to

By Kacey Biddy

Featured Awesome: Tequila Makes Me Awesome

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…FLOOR! Now that St. Patrick’s day has come and gone, that means we are on the brink of another one of our favorite drinking holidays….CINCO DE MAYO! In celebration of the Mexican army’s May 5th victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Puebla in the Spring of 1862…we’re drinking tequila people.

By Kacey Biddy

Featured Awesome: Kansas City Bottle Cap

Kansas City Bottle Cap  It’s that time of year again, team! The fields are being lined, the cleats are being tied and the bats are hot, hot, hot! That’s right, it’s time to take it out to the ball game people….or at least to the concession stand for a beer first. We’ve got the perfect

By Kacey Biddy

Featured Awesome: Shut Up Liver You’re Fine

SHUT UP LIVER YOU’RE FINE It’s getting warmer and the real party months are about to kick off! You need to stock up on your party apparel ASAP! Tell your liver to suck it up because it’s game time! Our Shut Up Liver You’re Fine line is our most popular seller. These are the items that

By Carli Kahl


MOUNT DRINKMORE & MAKE AMERICA DRUNK AGAIN!!     In honor of Presidents’ Day, we are doing a sale on our Mount Drinkmore shirts/tanks and our Make America Drunk Again shirts/tanks!! THEY ARE ONLY 15 DOLLARS EACH & FREE SHIPPING WITH THE CODE: PRESIDENTS   MOUNT DRINKMORE TEE TANK They are  super comfortable and light!

By Carli Kahl
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